About Us

Geared4Life was established in 2010 by Christo and Yvonne Prinsloo. The heart of the organisation is to inspire a culture of excellence in youth – mainly through the transfer of essential life skills during a gap-year for school leavers.

The Geared4Maths training programme was subsequently developed by Geared4Life to address challenges learners experience with mathematics in South African schools.

At the start of 2015, the Geared4Maths section was handed over to LEWAH Life Coaching and has since been a part of LEWAH’s student and scholar coaching offering. Today we still passionately pursue the breakthrough moments in which learners realize they can do math and it becomes fun for them to do so.

We believe:

  • Every individual has the potential to become proficient with maths through proper instruction and practice.
  • Learners should be empowered, equipped and encouraged to become the best possible versions of themselves.
  • Problem solving mindsets and can-do attitudes should be developed in youth.

South Africa’s mathematical capability should rate among the top 10 of the world’s countries. At Geared4Maths we play our part to see it happen.

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